Repairs & Upgrades

Laptop Computer Repair Birmingham, onsite at your home or business premises, from removing viruses, system and data recovery, to improving the computer performance.  

hard drive repair

We stock a variety of spares to replace faulty parts and upgrade your devices. Home visits from £25 including the first hour.


Computer Servicing

My computer service package including, Full Virus, Adware, Trogan Scan & Removal, Computer Clean Up,  Improved Startup/Speed and component check  takes up to 2 hours onsite @ £50


Price Guide

  • Fitted Hard Disk from £99
  • Fitted Laptop 15" Screen from £75
  • Fitted Laptop Keyboard from £50
  • Viruses Removed from £50
  • Computer Recovery from £50
  • Wireless Setup from £50
  • Onsite Repairs from £35
  • Home & Business Visits from £25
  • Laptop Training from £35
  • PC & Laptop Servicing from £50
  • Security Audits from £50
  • Computer Training from £35
  • Website Design from £99
  • Website Hosting from £29
  • Network Installation from £99
  • Powerline installation from £99


Other Services

over 60's special

Assisting over 60's get the most from their computer, from regularly updating and checking system for adware and viruses to protecting personal data from £25. This is supported by regular one hour basic computer training sessions from just £25.


After taking my laptop to a number of computer repair shops, who were able to address the problems, Dr Jerry resolved and refreshed my laptop and its like I have a new one. 

Freddy – August 2017

After trying to remove Adware from our laptop ourselves, Dr Jerry collected the computer and  returned the same day with the problem resolved at a good price.

Great Service.

Anton - March 2017


About Dr Jerry

25 years of computer experience and knowledge from the early days of Windows 3.1 to XP, Windows 98, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 to the new Windows 10, repaired and upgrades to laptops and desktop computer.

Advised and managed home and business users in a wide range of IT environments, from hardwired and wireless networking, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Network & Cloud Backup, Servers, Antivirus Solutions and Security.

Lectured and taught IT for many years, researched and design various computer and network applications and devices.


Dr Jerry PC Repair Birmingham UK

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